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FTE Project Pte Ltd

FTE Project Pte Ltd (formerly known as Façade Treatment Engineering since 2002) was incorporated in year 2007 and was intended to involve principally in design, supply, fabrication, project management and installation of aluminum façade works such as curtain walls, wall cladding,
window & doors, aluminum louvre screen and other aluminum
and architectural works.

The management of the company is formed by a group of well-versed, experienced, competent and hands-on personnel. They have completed numerous prestigious and prominent projects in various parts of Singapore.

With the experience accumulated over the years, the management of the company has identified a number of ways to ensure smooth implementation of façade project.

We are registered with the BCA Contractors Registry under workhead CR16 & Licensed Builder GB2 and obtained Bizsafe3 certification.

Our Strategy Business Partner

CRAFT-ART Metal Fine Work Inc. is our strategy partner in Guangdong Province. Shunde
base is the main processing base covering an area of 13,000m2

The Management Believes In:

Sound and practical design

Emphasis of this technical aspect is highlighted even during tender stage. This will ensure the pricing is done on a firm and sound basis, thus eliminating guesswork.
By doing this, we believe we can be competitive.

Engage reliable suppliers and sub-contractors

By virtue of engaging reliable suppliers and sub-contractors, we believe half of the battle is won.

Doing things Right for the first time

We have witnessed and reckon on many project failures which were due to repeated works that causes loss of time and increased in expenses. We believe a proper project planning before commencement lead by an experienced project manager will help to minimize losses.

Teamwork at site

Constant and regular meeting with the builder and designer is crucial. We believe we are a good team player.


Emphasize and practice safety precautions all times at site and factory. We believe this will avoid unforeseen accidents from happening.